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Cold Room Creation

We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, assembly, maintenance, sale of cold rooms and everything related to refrigeration systems in Mexico. Its actions are aimed at companies from all economic sectors, which require cold storage and air conditioning management. Cold rooms with impeccable presentation, in all sizes and for all kinds of uses. We design cold rooms in Mexico and construct industrial refrigeration projects, with equipment of high quality standards, energy saving and refrigeration performance. We want to have you as a customer and satisfied with your refrigeration needs. There is nothing better than to dedicate oneself to the different activities and to be calm, leaving something as important as the refrigeration of products, in expert hands.

Air conditioner

In Air Conditioning, UNIFRIO always uses the highest technology, to raise your quality of life. Enjoy a clean, quiet and comfortable environment with our air conditioners.

We have a wide line of air conditioning:

  • Art Cool
  • Window
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Air Conditioning Neo Plasma Plus


Cooling Chambers

We are experts in the implementation of refrigeration chambers, refrigeration chambers, refrigerated chambers and cold rooms. We offer refrigeration rooms oriented to all the needs of your business or company.

Our mission is to design and market refrigerated chambers and the handling of their respective materials according to the needs specified by our clients.

We have the following types of refrigerated chambers:

  • Prefabricated cooling chambers
  • Doors for cold rooms
  • Equipment for cold rooms
  • Diffusers for cooling chambers

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The truth was I was a bit disappointed of the work I had requested from other companies and I thought that there was more quality, until we found UNIFRIO, company which gave us a first class service, and this is where we stayed, simply for the Quality and service.